Race Day checklist and info For Triathlon!


__; Pam-body glide
__: swim cap
__: goggles
__: swim suit-or race suit
__:Transition Towel and a small foot towel
__:Goggle anti-fog stuff

__: the Bike (I've seen people forget this one!)
__: Race singlet / shorts
__.cycle shoes
__Floor pump
__tire repair kit (co2 cartriges- tube -levers )
__(Race wheels)
__race belt - w/ race # on it (if applicable)
__:power gels-gu or hammer gels
__: power bars or food for longer bike
__.lube/ bike oil

__: water bottles (prepped with nutrition drink)-/aero-drink
__: wrench-Tools

__: hat/ visor
__. run shorts-or-singlet (if you plan on changing)
__: warm-up outfit. (sweats)
__: racing flats-(run Shoes)

__:xtra sunglasses
__: run bottle..or drink belt (long races)w/ accelerade/or Heed
__:enduralytes (electrolyte replacement tablets)

_:pre-post race clothes
_: shower bag- (soap-deodorant)
_:snacks and post race drink
_:motrin/-alka seltzer
_: $$$
_: Endurox/accelerade/Heed
_:baby oil gel or personal lube for areas that chaffe
_:race confirmation sheet-proof / I.D./ USA-TRI card
_: directions to race site
_: race # or arm band

Don't forget to plan to get there at least 1.5 hrs before your race to set up your transition area!

Also-plan to wait in lines for packet pickup and get your timing chip on Race am!

~Plan time to get a warm up in as well! -time flies! --
be there extra early..better safe than sorry and flustered!

good luck! & Go get 'em!

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