Triathlon Training schedule and plan

My Preferred workout weekly schedule

*for the BT workouts (see bottom of this page!)
- rotate them weekly -so avoiding two of the same,  in a row.

DAY -1_________________
1 to 1.5 hour BT Bike workout

1 mile light run-right off bike
Yoga & core

Day 2___________________

45-60 min form swim

BT Run workout

Day 3___________________

easy reecovery day
Upper body strength training/ swim bands
Yoga - stretching

Day 4___________________

30-40 min BT swim

40 mins Bike with a few pickups (5x 2 mins fast and hard)

3.5 miles -form run (some pick ups)

Day 5_____________________

OFF - Recovery

eat well ; rest

Day 6______________________
LONG Bike-(add a few speedy pickups 4-8 x 1 minute)
add 10% every week to overall time ridden

swim 30 light ,focus on form

Day 7_____________________

Long run (add 10% every week)

*dont sacrifice form though!

B.T. Workouts (Break Through)

These are  what will make your PR happen! -(dont wait!)

Always warm up and cool down 5-10 mins Very easy on each of the workouts below

{*Do only 1 BT- per sport ,per week, and rotate these so not always 2 weeks in a row}

*on your “speed / strength/ BT-day for that sport”


1. (12-20)X 100 repeats With a 25 kick on back (really no break )kick lightly and relax to other end-hold pace is a goal here,-not losing form or speed. (½ with pull bouey) 8-12 press outs when you get to the repeat that ends on the deep end!

2. 10 x 200 on 25 kick (same as above) every other one Pull bouey-
8-12 press outs when you get to the repeat that ends on the deep end!

3. 15-35 X 50 =repeat on 15-25 secs rest (this is a hard effort. You must keep form together! (End with 3 x 2 mins bands)


1. Hill repeats- 6-12 X Hill (find a good 1/8 to ¼ mile hill that makes you really want to come out of the saddle by ¾ way up) STAY SEATED work your pedal stroke all the way around! And drive up the hill hard each time ..recover on a easy 1-2 mile flat rd. between

2. On a good distance ride , build in 5x all out efforts for 2-4 minutes in a gear that burns like hell for 80-90 RPM

3. 4-6 X Time trial style 5-8 mile ride (race it!)-and a 1 mile pace run between each one*(practice safe and fast transitions and mount/dismounting!)


1.Hill repeats (8-14 X) Hill - A longer hill and a good grade not Real Steep hill. (work on fast snappy recovery and push off)-Recover VERY easy jog after each for 4 mins

2. track workout- 6-12 X 400 repeats zone 3-(fast snappy form) with focus on form and turnover! (easy jog for 200 between each)

3. 4-10X 800 repeats at just a bit faster than 10k pace (with focus on form and turnover! )-recover a 400 easy jog between. (add some plyo jumps or step ups between each set for a more advanced workout)

4. Miracle miles repeats 4-8x 1 mile repeats. -Mile repeat on 5k pace (or faster) (with 3-4 ups and downs-snappy fast or skipping a step= “walking up big steps“) sets of stadium steps -no break unless you are just grabbing a quick drink.-

Warm down and stretch well