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Focus #1 on form and technique!

Run with the Best form that you can & Practice ALWAYS!

There is no such thing as "absolute perfect" running form. But there are certain characteristics of a good distance runner that are necessary for optimum efficiency and economy. In the heat of a tough run or race, however, most of us are unlikely to think about "reducing the moment arm of our swing leg to increase centrifugal motion and spare muscle glycogen". Instead, it helps to think about form in terms of simple analogies and very quick ways to jog the brain, no pun intended.

So here are 10 easy-to-remember tips to optimize your form:

Forward Center of Gravity: Your foot strike should occur towards the middle front of shoe. Think of your center of gravity as a dot that hovers in front of you - you should be constantly pushing that dot forward.

Down Hill Running: Think about a slight forward lean that occurs naturally as you shift your center of gravity forward.

Kick-Butt: Your heels should gently kick up towards your butt with each step - begin with an over-exaggerated heel to butt kick, then gradually lower the height of the kick.

Fast Feet: A foot turnover of 90 strikes per minute is highly efficient. That means one leg experiences 30 foot strikes in 20 seconds. Try to count yours!

Hot Lava: Minimize ground contact time by popping your feet up quickly from the ground with each step, as if you¹re running on hot ground in bare feet!

Square Arms: Elbows should be bent at 90 degrees with hands beside your body, and not ahead of your body.

Loose Jaw: Relax your head, neck, shoulders and hands. It often helps to press the tongue against the roof of the mouth to relax the jaw.

Piston Knees: Knees should travel straight up and down, meaning very little internal/external rotation. Lack of flexibility or strength can cause your legs to migrate sideways as you run.

Proud Posture: Keep your chest pushed forward and head high, thinking about a "tall" running gait.

Rolling Ball: Imagine yourself running as a ball would roll, with constant forward motion, and as little up and down vertical movement as possible.