Swim Info and Workout details

Simple steps to becoming a better swimmer
(Warrior games Athletes, scroll down near bottom-
for workouts!- (after you read all info :)

1. Know and learn what each of the strokes should look like and how they are performed! (see videos below!)
   (*see links..and watch often -Video links below!)
2. practice drills and slow swimming first!-to ingrain muscle memory PERFECTLY -first!
3. Build the specific strength and flexibility that each stroke requires! (dry land and drills)
4. start to work on power production phases and applied speed as you get more comfortable with each stroke-(sprints)
5. work every swim practice on getting more power and stronger thrust out of  all Kicking!
6.Last but not least.. Know your proper turns and starts~!..and practice them a ton!

Swim Videos-(click on each image to view videos)

Back stroke




Flip turn! (learn it NOW!)


 *All starts- from Blocks
(and technique too!)


More videos below-( of Coach- Olympian Sheila Taormina)
Example of the proper freestyle technique~!
(~~more below~~)
(Click here * for Video)


READ Call the Suit , book!

 (* http://www.sheilat.com/)  to buy the book, - or click on Photo to left! )
 We will be applying these swim techniques to all of our workouts!

More  Technique  Videos:


Mens 400 m final swim

Ian Thorpe

Swim Technique basics
(below is transcribed from the book "call the Suit"
- by-Sheila Taormina

80/20 = Pareto principle

(80% of the result comes from 20% of the things that are applied to end in that result)
The all important equation!
How do we add up what we do -to become fast
# of Strokes X Rate =Time

Perfect this by stressing the form part of your stroke then adding the rate side..

(be patient!) & do the work…

~We need to build perfect Form then strength and flexibility way before we add rate and then endurance.. We have to be very careful to never forgo form for what we think is speed, otherwise we loose everything.


Parts of the freestyle stroke

1. Entry- just in front of the head and just outside of your body’s centerline--as the hand pierces the water. (*It extends to the point in which YOU can handle getting into the front catch and Hold) DO not hang out here and “Glide“ !!

2. Catch- as Immediate as possible you work hard at protracting from the scapular, and getting the finger-tips downward with a straight wrist…tone in hand -and forearm,(facing backward)- hold onto the water, feeling the pressure upon the entire lower lever (you want to try to get this High elbow as far out in front of you as possible and hold onto the water) without trying to slip the arm back fast.

3. Hold; once you have locked onto the water with your catch, you begin to pull your body over that holding hand, by applying pressure backward (NOT powering it back with hard pulling strength) . Your hand should never ever be higher than your elbow or shoulder in the front part of the hold..-the upper arm (lever) stays relatively static as the lower lever initiates the hold and rearward pull as the body comes over the hand

4. Underwater pull pattern -keeping the elbow high in the water and AWAY from your side, start to drive the hip and body over the hand and let the tricep muscle start to take over the workload from the front half of the pull, where you will feel the power in your shoulder lats, and back..) (You NEVER want a straight arm that is deep reaching !)

Pull Pattern
 *(The motion to concentrate on is predominantly in a backward fashion with small changes in pitch to find still water) with no more than 20 lbs of pressure upon the water.-*(you do not want to slip the arm back, rather.- You Want to hold your water and move over that spot!)

5. Finish …- the Tricep muscle group continues the strong HOLD of the water pressure and as the arm straightens out the wrist is flexed to keep the predominant backward push with some controlled force . The hand the slips quickly an d quietly out of the water in a relaxed fashion to start the arm recovery.

and recovery - a relaxed and balanced recovery with a high elbow…think of this phase as “loading your arm” (like a gun) to attack the entry.

Drills and main workouts

Warrior Games Team

*Always warm up with stretches and at least 300 yards any swimming- & do both sets- everyone!

do this 3-5x a week (no less!)

Free style set  -(30 sec rest between each one)

5x 100's- build freestyle
 (gets faster as you go) try to descend the set ( each gets faster)
& focus on your technique with kick (see above!)

10 x 50  freestyle sprints - (faster turnover -while holding form together and kick your butt off!)

Backstroke set; with 45 seconds rest between each
(work on Technique and holding water  and big surface flutter kick!)

5x  25 back stroke- work rotation and kick!..get great hold of water to finish!
10 x 50 Backstroke (build speed and kick)

200 easy cool down mix up strokes and 200 kicking.
Enjoy getting strong and fast!

(main weekly workout)
Masters swimmers

#1 swim workout

Do Drills 4 warm -up
(Pick 6 drills- do 50 yds of each)

5x (no break between 100 and the 25’s)

sets Take 1 min between

100 easy pull
Kick on back 25
Triple switch 25

5x (no break between 50 and the 25’s)
50 free fast
25 back stroke
25 breast

5x (no break between 50 and the 25’s
50 pull
25 kick on back
25 fly

Cool down 200 -anything you like
Total -2350 yds

do drills 4 warm-up

Always warm up with the following drill sets (50 yds to 150yds of each)

Upright sculling 2x 1 minute every day!
Paddle board entry drill (head up keep high elbow all the time!
Single side kick- on your side (lower arm extended other on side-)

(find your balance spot .)easy flutter kick on your side ,switch sides after one length

Catch up drill; Freestyle- go slow! -work on protraction!

(tag each hand as it finishes the stroke pull and then the other starts the next stroke)
SA.Backstroke- slow and full range of motion(one arm at a time)

Fingertip drag- slow , drag fingers from the hip all the way up to the nose and re-enter the water as far as you can away from your face..extend hand outward and high elbow!

Single arm butterfly (breathe to the working arm side) work rythm, catch and kick

Fist drill- (only do a 50) .fast turnover as you hold hands in fists..feel your entire arm pulling the water past you.

Single arm swim - each arm for a 25 yd…(only one arm works)either free arm extended or on side same as above(feel)

Shark Drill- hold kick board between thighs and swim freestyle as you complete a stroke reach as far back as you can and really smack the board, before your hand comes back forward… on entrance .really extend and reach!
Alternating arm- (mixed axis drill)2x left -free.2x rt -free 2x butterfly repeat

Hand paddle drills - for speed and strength
Sighting drill (open water practice) best done while in lane next to water aerobics -to get authentic feel.J

Every 6 -8 strokes bring head up quickly to see (an item ) you have at the end of each lane