Triathlon Training



** Reminder**

 All workouts will be on hold (no group meetings)

but*only-Thursdays 7:30 Pm SWIM at the YMCA will hold open swim for the team (no coach)

 while Im gone for coaching the 2012 US Wounded Warrior Games In Colorado Springs

from April,21 to May,7th~!

please keep up with your workouts till Im back!



----NEW  P.R. TRi Team Swims & Triathlon workouts!---
Masters-Tri Swim  @ Avon YMCA

I am excited to announce PR Tri Team group workouts
Triathlon Team & Masters Swim Team
 Outdoor CYCLING on marked courses
Rides -Starting SOON!


 swim with us at the Avon YMCA!
Tuesdays- 7:30 to 9 PM
Thursdays-7:30 to 9 PM
Sundays -   3:30 to 5 PM
-*($5.00 drop in fee)
*please email coach Daniel- if you are new and plan on attending! (* more details below -scroll down)

~NEW RUN DAY~   Starting next Friday( 3/16)
(some track workouts & some hill/trail runs!)
*group running workouts and form work to help get you faster than you thought you could run!

5;45 PM-In Avon Lake High Scool Track-

(Rt 83. - just 1/2 mile  south of rt 6 -(Lake rd)

$5.00 drop in fee for these workouts (please bring correct change)

*Please let me know if you plan on attending and please dress ready for springtime weather and bring fluids!

A few of us are planning on running the towpath 1/2 marathon on April 1.!

if you wan to join in ..We'd love to have a group there!

(towpath race link- )

Master & Triathlon Swim

The Times & Location for
PR Tri team swim workouts !!

The Masters swim session will be a swimming specific in the pool workout, geared toward newer swimmers and also toward Masters swim teamers and triathletes wanting to swim faster and get stronger in the water. I will also be incorporating dryland strength and core strength at these workouts  ..It will be limited to 22 swimmers broken into  lanes , based on level and goals~!

~& We will be attending as many Masters swim meets as possible !
see here for mare on USA Masters swimming and registration ;
if you register make sure you registter as "attached" to our team!
 (Team-  PRTR)

please let me know if you need help signing up or are attending or have questions!

Masters-Tri Swim  @ YMCA
When are practices?

Tuesday  7:30-9:00 pm

Thursday 7:30-9:00 PM

Sunday   3:30-5:00 pm

All participants must have a program membership at minimum ($25 for the year).

Drop in fees: $5 per class
($70 total if they paid drop in every time during the session)
Full Session: (Tuesday, Sunday 1/31-3/25) 14 sessions (including when you are gone) :

Members: $45, -Program Members $60

Current Membership Specials:
December 26, 2011 through February 5, 2012
new members pay a $0 joiner fee (a $100 savings).

Sign up your friends and family from
Dec. 26 through Feb. 5 and receive $25
for each new member you bring in.
Limit $250 per current member.

If someone would like to try it the facility in the upcoming week have them email Stacey- at

and let me know they are one of PR swimmers. I can give out guest passes; all they would need to do is bring a photo ID and fill out a guest waiver.