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First -We would like to say Thanks for joining us on your adventure into fitness, -No matter what level you are currently at, We will strive to get you to your Goal safely, and as swiftly as we can!

*your coaches are: Daniel Smith

and Yvonne Saul Craigo.

(*Please use our Initials if you need to direct a note to us ..)

*Each Blog will contain information and workouts depending on the name of the blog .

(ex, run=run stuff,& swim= swim stuff ..etc...etc...)
*You will be recieving your workouts (via e-mail) After you have committed to the training plan and term , YOU must furnish us with your e-mail address, through our e-mail *please see " about me" {side bar} - for our e-mail addresses)
* You need to note also-
That each workout will be broken down by athletic level (A=(beginner),B,C,and D =advanced) as well, each workout level will be referred to in the same way,
*for instance -* "A" pace -2 mile run (would indicate a 2 mile run at a Very Easy warm-up pace)
* swim workout consisting of 12- 100's at "C" pace, would be almost race pace etc..)
* 1 hour bike ,on spin bike , hold "B" cadence and add 6 "D" 1 minute intervals,with 2-3 minute recovery at "A" pace

*We will be constantly updating and adding Informative articles and necessary Information to read and learn as you develop an understanding of your own training journey.

*Please feel free to leave feedback (under"comments"...to other readers and to the coaches ,- we want this to become your Space ..(your private blog/gym) and social spot too- Please join the list of "followers" so we know who is on the site...~THANKS!

But PLEASE! email us directly for Information that needs to be replied to, or that you need help with, asap!)
~~"Enjoy your Sport, and appreciate Your time spent in the learning and working phase,Because It will Pay Off, and it's great to feel this good at this age!"...DS

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