HFP & PR Multi-Sport ~On Site Tri-Swim clinics!

P.R. Multi-Sport Triathlon Swim Clinics

P.R. Multi-Sport Is Excited to Announce the continued Partnership with HFP Racing, for our on race site swim clinics. we Truly Love sharing our knowledge of the complicated sport of swimming, and We strive to put learning it into the simplest terms.  I've been honored to learn the fastest yet most efficient swimming technique, from only the absolute best swimmers I the world! After traveling with and working with, photographing many of the Worlds top swimmers for the best-selling book  series; Swim Speed Secrets , alongside author and four time Olympian Sheila Taormina!
   In Spending nearly 4 years and studying, photographing and working with over 2 dozen record holding Olympians and their coaches, across the country. I've learned to teach some of the basic fundamentals that we forget as triathletes.  I try to bring these insights to the clinics, to aid in implementing the thought processes, the required focus and the dedicated hard work that it takes to get faster at swimming ! 
We use clear to understand images, descriptions and accompanied by an in depth sport focused talk, to clarify it all!
Read testimonials herehttps://prtriswimcoach.com/praise/
    You will hopefully leave PR Multi-Sport clinics with new insights into swim stroke technique, applying the swim technique to your own training and your racing, also hope to teach each of you how to finally love swimming for the technical aspects, fun, and challenging process that it is !
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We will see you at the races !
 ~Hopefully seeing you coming out of the water much faster than you ever have before!

 Daniel Smith & Adam Kuncel
 Swim & Triathlon Coach ~ http://prtriswimcoach.com/

Select HFP Race Event -Swim Clinic   on Sat @3PM near registration area!

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