P.R.=  A personal Record 

 A Best Personal Time!

...Life can also be a PR, you just have to take the small steps to achieve greatness in your own Life and in your own sporting goals as well, and have fun in doing so, creating lifelong friendships of support...!
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 I started this Team with the desire to stay healthy, and to lead fellow athletes to reach higher to become the best That They can each strive for personally.
By trying to be a good example and share from the lessons I have learned from my own training over the past 25 years, in Sport and as A Coach..
Life is to be enjoyed and experienced! ~ share the journey with US!
Become the Best YOU!
2017 InDoor workouts  !

 PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE MONDAY Email I send , (if you want on the team email -plz send me a msg! * Danieljs111@aol.com
**as it will contain the days and times (including changes that will happen occasionally because of HS meets and meetings that I have no control over!

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 Let's Prepare to Have a Great season everyone!
Lets keep it up!


7/30-- VHS

8/6 - Mill Hollow Park

I just wanted to Thank Each one of you who have been part of this TEAM and the dream I have had to "pay it forward"...
It is from the bottom of my heart, I am Grateful..
it has been because of you we have achieved Great things and many PR's yet to come!

Coach-Daniel Smith

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....on my carreer, coaching, & life.

~~~Photo Slide Show from my road trip /tour
with Sheila Taormina!Click photo below here;Photo Slide show from ;The 2011 Marine Corps Trials

for the Wounded warriors!click photo below!

Photos from the

2011 Warrior Games

at the Olympic training center and Co.Springs

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Photo set #1
Photo set #2

Photo set #3

Photo set #4



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Package -Shoot Level


I require a deposit to set a shoot date Please read all details below BEFORE your shoot date! I now try to get deposit or prepay..b/c Ive had so many cancellations (*due to people being busy.etc..they forget to make time- Like other biz's if someone has a deposit,they are more likely to make a date! ) If you book, please make a hold Deposit ..or prepay for a full pkg!- Book your shoot date ASAP with me at Danieljs111@aol.com Please pre-pay with PayPal Below! WWW.DJSMITHPHOTOGRAPHY.BLOGSPOT.COM
~RATES for Photo Services ~
All Portraits and Senior Portraits read the below Info, before your shoot!
*I approach shooting and producing Portraits for people a little differently~... primarily because in these times, cost effectivness is so important.
The way I produce the shoot and images will end up saving you much more than the "Usual" Photographer..not only do I prefer to shoot at your location of choice..but I also love to get creative and make this fun and YOUR "photo shoot"..Let your Personality come out!~Limitless possibilities for your photos!I only charge you a shoot fee and a file download and retouch fee-
(*Fees are due on the day of the shoot) *(If you book your shoot between May 1 and June 15th OR Oct 1 thru Nov 30..add additional 7 editing days *due to multiple shoots i have and I do all my hand editing -this takes up to 8 hours after the shoot!)-
See details below.. ...cost is depending on number of location/clothes changes and images in final batch), I give you final retouched images onto my safe, File share download site, that YOU can download High res. files, and You decide which ones to enlarge at your choice of enlarger or photographic companies.(at cost!= so much cheaper!)see links below. ~You decide how many locations and how many clothing changes as well, how many final images to choose from..and thats it! In 7-10 (working days) from your shoot you will recieve your Final digital files ..and you are all done~! The freedom to choose Images and to enlarge is up to you completely! (FYI- the fee for "editing & digital download of your final files", covers the hours I spend personally editing and retouching your photos, I typically spend from 6 to 12 hours in edit time, per shoot!) *If travel is necessary, there is an additional fee. (ask for details) .You are hiring me to shoot Photos (like the style I have advertised) *and I will retouch and edit in that same style, Unless otherwise discussed! *Reminder..Total Fee is due on the day of the SHOOT I accept most major Credit Cards! (.3% fee) Package 1-( basic bronze ) 1- location 1-2- changes of clothes 20 -final retouched images, downloaded to file share $-- $250. oo shoot fee, and +($75 editing & file upload fee)= $325.oo Package 2- (upgrade silver ) 2 -locations 3- clothes changes 30- final retouched images, downloaded to file share $-- $300.oo Shoot fee and +($75 editing & file upload fee ) $375.oo Package 3 - ( Gold Standard ) 3or 4- locations 4 -or more changes of clothing 40+- final retouched images, downloaded to file share $--$350.oo shoot fee, + ($100 editing & file upload fee) $450.oo All Family Portraits $350.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------- $ RATES for *Advertising and *Editorial shoots or misc creative ideas... $-depends on Job please contact me for details and to discuss! DanielJS111@aol.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- * Printing References I do not print your photos for you~! This is how i can keep my fees so low! Here are the best places that YOU can easily order your prints ~! Fast-Easy and online ! I-Photo -for Mac users http://www.apple.com/ilife/iphoto/print-products.html Awesome prints for the cost! Shutterfly http://www.shutterfly.com/prints-posters


Kombucha Tea

This is the info on the tea I have been telling some of my clients and friends about..

I have lost 20 lbs and feel awesome!
(*do your homework and research before you try it!)
if you dont want to invest the time, you can buy it at natural food stores and a lot of Higher end grocers too, (bottled) and online as well.. look up Synergy Kombucha
~ Best luck to you all!

Links to more usage and celebrity referrences- Info
Celeb's and more info...
~! MY "How To" Guide - to Brew your own with a starter~"culture/mushroom"
(*remember..if thuis seems like more than you can deal with..JUST Buy it at "Natures Bin"- in the glass bottles!)

Things to remember…1. Never use anything but clean clear,(no color)- glass container to raise and ferment the Kumbucha,(never ceramic, metal or plastic).
2. Use wooden (natural) spoon to stir and clean hands free of any detergents or bacteria.
3. Follow directions to the “T”, .if you ever see or think there may be any white or light color fuzzy mold on the “mushroom“.(discard and do not drink!)…*bubbling and a wet whitish look on the “mushroom” are ok and typical.
4. Keep fermenting tea in a warm darkish place, that is between 68” and 100” F.

Directions to prep tea.

Boil 1 gallon (=16 cups)of purified water (filtered or distilled) not straight tap water…(as the additives to tap water will harm the “mushroom”).
..Add in 1 cup of organic raw sugar (not bleached white)..stir until it is dissolved, turn off the heat and add 7 teabags to steep in the water for ½ an hour.(covered with a lid ).
Remove tea bags, and Let the mixture cool to room temperature (as long as it takes, keep covered) this helps keep fungus, bacteria and mold out.
Add the tea mixture to a large glass fermentation tank, then place the “mushroom” into the mixture …and add in the minimum..1 cup of Kumbucha tea.-(kept from last batch).
Once the “mushroom” and primer tea are added to the new tea mixture, cover the top with a breathable cloth-(clean!) and place it for 13 to 16 days (2 weeks is typical) -in a warm dark spot out of reach from small children and pets. (Do not touch or stir while it ferments for this time)

Once the”tea time” is up, you can separate the “baby (with your hands) keep at least one cup of tea to restart the next batch and, start again the process with all clean items.